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1. Why consult an orthodontist?

There are numerous reasons for consulting an orthodontist.

Here are some examples:

  • “I don't like my smile”
  • “I don't like my facial appearance, my profile, and I do not like my chin”
  • “I do not bite properly”
  • “I injure my palate by clenching my teeth”
  • “I have difficulty brushing my teeth because they are not aligned”
  • “I have difficulty speaking because of the gap between my top and bottom teeth”

2. At what age should I take my child to an orthodontist?

Seven (7) years is the recommendation of the American Association of Orthodontics.

Treatment very rarely starts that early, but too early is better than the opposite. Too late occasionally means calling in a surgeon to correct the problem.

3. I am an adult; is it too late to consult an orthodontist?

No, orthodontic treatment can be undertaken at any age. The importance of the treatment offered is related to the changes you wish to make to your smile, your face or your occlusion.

4. Will I necessarily have to wear "bands"?

No, there are other orthodontic devices apart from “bands”. Some devices are even very subtle, such as transparent dental trays.

5. What should I do to ensure that my treatment lasts the least possible time?

Treatment duration depends on many factors, such as patient collaboration, the severity of the problem and development.

For everything to proceed as smoothly as possible, you should:

  • carefully follow the recommendations of the orthodontist
  • brush your teeth after each meal 
  • wear your device or bands 
  • don't forget your appointments.

Orthodontic treatment is team work: the patient, parents, orthodontist, practice team must all play the game to get a good result.

6. Will I necessarily feel pain during my treatment?

An orthodontic device will not necessarily be painful.

Most patients suffer more from discomfort than real pain; discomfort due to the device irritating the teeth, cheeks or lips will take a few days to disappear.

7. Must I brush my teeth more often if I wear "bands"?

Yes, it is very important to brush your teeth after each meal to keep your teeth, gums and mouth healthy. This also enables the removal of food “trapped” in the device.

8. Will my "bands" prevent me practicing my musical instrument or sport?

No. On the contrary, a period of adaptation at the start of treatment will be necessary so everything feels comfortable again. A “mouthguard” is strongly recommended if you are engaging in a contact sport.

9. Must I continue to see my dentist if I have braces?

Yes, an annual check-up at the dentist is very important, especially when there is an orthodontic device fixed in the mouth. The dentist or hygienist will carry out dental scaling and a thorough check for caries or gum disease.

10. What is the point value used in your practice?

The point value is set at Fr. 3.40.

11. Is orthodontic treatment  reimbursed by insurers?

Some supplementary insurance offers orthodontic cover; this cover varies greatly from one company to another, and it is strongly recommended that the patient (or one of his or her parents) speaks to the insurance company as soon as possible to find out the cover. In some very rare cases, disability insurance may be involved.

12. Do I have to pay the invoices all at once, or can I spread the payments?

Invoices are sent as the treatment progresses. It is possible to pay in several instalments; for this purpose, please contact the Caisse pour Médecins-dentistes direct, at 021/343.22.12.

13. How much notice must I give if I am indisposed?

For the practice organisation, as soon as possible. The practice will not invoice appointments cancelled more than 24 hours in advance.

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