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A new life

Will orthodontic "bands" have a negative impact on my life?

Perhaps not that much; here are a few things that might help ensure that the treatment goes as smoothly as possible.

Eating habits

Eating with an orthodontic device will seem like a great adventure, especially at the beginning: some foods may get “stuck” in the device, chewing some food will cause toothache, other food will break the device.

Food can be classified in 3 categories :

  • Food that is very well tolerated: anything that is soft, semi-liquid, non-sticky (e.g. milk bread, cheese spread, soups, potato or root mash, salads, minced meat, cooked vegetables, pears, peaches, jelly, ice cream, milk-shakes)
  • Food you need to be a little careful with: cut it into small pieces (e.g. crunchy apples, raw carrots)
  • Food to avoid at all cost: anything that is hard and / or sticky (e.g. chewing gum, carambar, nougat, bread or pizza crusts, nuts, pistachios, corn on the cob)

Oral hygiene

An orthodontic device requires special care: brushing after each meal, interdental brush in any case once a day. It is important to take the necessary time to avoid problems, such as decalcification spots (onset of decay) and / or gums becoming red and bleeding (gingivitis).

If you wish, you can download the brushing instructions.

Discomfort and embarrassment

An orthodontic device may trigger discomfort and embarrassment during ongoing treatment, especially the first week.

Brackets, bands or archwires may irritate the inside of the lips or cheeks. Some patients develop  “mouth ulcers” more easily than others. To help you get through this delicate period, there are several means available: orthodontic wax for applying at the site of the device bothering you; and anaesthetic gels or patches available in pharmacies.

Furthermore, the teeth can be sensitive to pressure or even move. If this sensitivity is difficult to bear, just take an analgesic or anti-inflammatory. Movement of teeth is normal: they have to start to move in order to line up.

Taking part in sport

You can take part in any sport within the context of orthodontic treatment. In terms of contact sports, we strongly advise the use of a “mouthguard”.

With a collision or injury, carefully check that your teeth are still intact and that the orthodontic device is not broken. If this were to be the case, call the practice; pending the appointment, apply wax.

Playing a musical instrument

Playing a wind instrument may be difficult very early on after an orthodontic device has been inserted. In addition to technical difficulties, you would have to expect pain or wounding on the inner surface of the lips: orthodontic wax may relieve the pain; there are also small plastic trays which “clip” over the wire.

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